New QWERTY Keyboard Attachment for the iPhone5

For those who love their iPhone but hate the screen keyboard, a new QWERTY keyboard attachment may make it much easier to type, text, and find your favorite Walyou articles!

I don’t like to reveal a whole lot about myself (okay, maybe sometimes I do), but I, my dear friends, like most of the population, am an iPhone user. I do enjoy my iPhone because it is everything I need right at my fingertips. But speaking of fingertips, you know what can be annoying, the QWERTY keyboard on the screen! How many times have you hit the wrong letter by mistake, sending spellcheck on a crazy adventure to try to figure out what you meant? How many times have you had to stop and start typing over and over again because your finger missed a letter? Most likely, I am not the only one sheepishly raising their hand in agreement to these questions. Now there is a new device, a Slide-out Keyboard, which will provide you with a much better opportunity to type on your iPhone.

The Slide-out Keyboard is encased in a hard plastic shell and the keyboard connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth. The keyboard works with many apps on the iPhone, including notes, web browsing, email, calendar, and of course, texting. The keyboard is powered using a rechargeable battery that can be recharged through a USB cable. Simple as that!

If you continue to blame Autocorrect for the weird messages you send out to family and friends, you can easily purchase the keyboard for $35!

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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