Control Your 3D Printer with a Smartphone Using Sharebox3D

Having the ability to control your 3D printer via your smartphone or tablet means that you no longer are tied to the room where it’s located. Sharebox3D gives you this ability and enables you to save a lot of time in the process.

Italian 3D printer manufacturer Sharebot is looking to grant owners of such devices some time to breathe between their printing projects. The Sharebox3D hardware system that they’ve developed includes all the tools necessary not only for viewing the 3D printing process, but also for controlling, and implicitly starting it. As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or Internet connected computer nearby, you can take a look at how the 3D printing process is going, and make all the necessary adjustments. When using Sharebox 3D, you can also get notifications on your mobile device, so that you are aware at all times of how things are going. When that happens, you can launch the companion app and view the current stage via a webcam. All your files are stored in the Sharebox, so you don’t have to worry about losing them, and this additional feature makes the entire system even more appealing.

Here’s how Sharebot described their 3D printing management system:

“Sharebox 3D allows you to do the slicing of your stl from your smartphone, computer or tablet. You can work on your model anywhere you are, modifying the printing settings and sharing them with your friends or collegues.

In a few words: thanks to Sharebox 3D you can generate a gcode file ready to be printed. And now…we know what you’re thinking about…and the answer is yes! You can also start your print. Once you’ve sliced, saved and shared your file, you can also start the print thanks to the wifi connection. You can print your object even if you are not in the office.”

Sharebox3D is currently featured on Indiegogo, where its developers are looking to raise $60,000 before February 23. Should the funding goal be reached by then, anyone who has contributed $149 as an early bird (none of the 100 spots have been taken, so if you fancy the idea of controlling your 3D printer remotely, jump in!) or $199 as a regular backer will get their system in October 2015. A bundle that includes a Sharebot Kiwi3D printer besides the Sharebox3D system is also available, but for that one you’d have to shell out $900.

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