Orrb capsules allow isolation for the perfect naps

Because a nap might just be what you need to get you through the day, Orrb will make sure you get it, and everyone will be better off for that.

Orrb Capsule 1

Naps & siesta are severely underrated in the so-called first world countries, but it’s incredible just how much a few minutes of rest can do for your productivity. This is exactly what Orrb aims to give its users. This capsule is shaped sort of like a Saiyan ship from Dragon Ball Z, and although it won’t take you to other planets, will isolate you for a couple minutes so you can rest. It will launch in offices and public spaces of San Francisco and London this spring.

Orrb Capsule 2

The capsules are meant for one user at a time, and not only isolates sounds but also has a touch screen where users can pick in between different relaxation programs and modes. Amongst many options, users can get some silence to study or concentrate, or play background sound or music that helps put users to sleep for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. Not bad. Would you try it?

Via Orrb

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