Larger than Life Shoes Made out of Pots and Pans

Those are some big shoes to fill. One artist constructs a huge pair of high heels made of ordinary pots and pans as an inspiration toward femininity.

Throughout the years, many artists, especially female artists, have taken on their own interpretation of what “feminism” means and what it means to be “feminine.” While most artists utilize traditional mediums, including paint and ceramic, one artist looks to use items that also speak to “femininity.”

Joana Vasconcelos, a Portuguese artist, is known for the strong statements her art makes, especially with her shocking, often controversial works that interpret femininity. For instance, she has covered two lion statues with dainty white lacy napkins and she has created a cracked shell of an egg that opens up to showcase blond or brown strands of hair. Her new piece, however, entitled “Marilyn,” is what everyone is talking about.

“Marilyn” is a giant piece – a pair of typical high heel pumps made out of an atypical material…ordinary, run of the mill pots and pans.

The reason for the piece being so large? It is supposed to represent all the achievements of women throughout the centuries.

Through her work, Vasconcelos looks to do away with the common preconceptions about femininity and women. She will openly admit, when asked, that feminism does influence her style of art.

Her current exhibition, which include “Marilyn” and other pieces are on display at the Versailles chateau until September 30.

(Via: Gizmodiva)

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