Star Wars Bassinet for Nerdy Infants

If you there was no end to the number of artifacts and merchandise that are released inspired by the Star Wars, here is another one.

Rebel Belle Wedding clients Dorian and Lynn are huge fans of Star Wars and they even had a wedding that was themed around the enterprise. If that weren’t enough, they grabbed a family heirloom bassinet and decided to give it a Star Wars makeover and the end result is pretty convincing.

The Star Wars Bassinet is draped in a cloth that is replete with scenes from the Star Wars and has Darth Vader’s imagery as well. This should be a great way to grow up and become a geek. Like parents, like children. If you lived in an apartment and wanted a staircase that was inspired by the Star Wars, you could ask for this Star Wars Escalator which is totally out of this world.

If you have decided to create a Star Wars Bassinet for your child, you might even get your child readied for school with the help of Star Wars Alphabet, which I think is stretching the idea of being a fan a little too much. Or, go ahead and take a look at the Star Wars Family Portraits.