SimpleSee Cellphone Concept For the Visually Impaired

When was the last time you heard your grandfather complaining about the complexity of his cellphone and his inability to text message? Did you try your best to show him how to use it, to no avail? Well, guess what? The SimpleSee is here to make your job easier and you won’t ever see him complaining about his cellphone again.SimpleSee Mobile Phone Concept 1

The SimpleSee Mobile Phone concept by British designer Emma Caddick has simple functions to make and receive calls, without incorporating the complex functions of other new-age cellphones in the market, making the life of the visually impaired and the elderly hassle-free.

SimpleSee Mobile Phone Concept 2

True to its name, the SimpleSee also features large, easy-to-read graphics which are extremely beneficial to the elderly. This phone also features high contrast with an easy to grip casing, making it completely safe and easy to use.

SimpleSee Mobile Phone Concept 3

Another con of the modern cellphone, which has been there right since its existence, is messy charging cable that keeps getting entangled. The SimpleSee Mobile Phone Concept eliminates this negative by providing for wireless charging. So when the phone beeps with low battery indication, by simply placing it into the sleek wireless charger the user’s job is taken care of.

SimpleSee Mobile Phone Concept 4

The SimpleSee also has a single button for locking the device, eliminating the common two button lock combinations and a button that takes the user to the address book directly without even going into the Menu. It also has a SOS and a call end button, in addition to arrow keys on the side for regulating the volume with ease.

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Via: TheDesignBlog