Razer Switchblade Gaming Netbook [CES 2011]

Netbooks aren’t typically known as gaming powerhouses, used more to access e-mail, websites, and applications when on the move. Just because they aren’t known for gaming, however, doesn’t mean they can’t be. This is what Razer has in mind with their ingenious Razer Switchblade. This is a netbook designed for gaming, and customizable to make it adapt to whichever game you’re playing.

With a 7″ screen, this netbook isn’t going to give you the same gaming experience you’ll get on your desktop or notebook computer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be limited to playing Farmville. One of the other big limitations that a netbook has its its small keyboard, meaning that you’re either stuck with tiny keys or few normal-sized keys. Razer’s solution to this is to make each of the 45 keys an OLED screen. Do you want to make one key look like the Mark of the Wild icon for your Druid in World of Warcraft, for easy reference and casting? Do you want a key in Left 4 Dead marked specifically as “Reload” instead of a boring letter R? These are just two examples of how you can customize the keys, tailoring the small keyboard to fit whichever game you’re playing, and switching back and forth when needed.

Razer Switchblade Netbook 1

Razer Switchblade Netbook 2

Razer Switchblade Netbook 3

The video linked below shows some great examples of what you can do with the keys and how each can be lit with a letter, image, or whatever else will fit on their small OLED screens. As an added bonus, the CEO sounds so deadly serious while he discusses this innovation that you can’t help but smile. It’s difficult to tell just how practical the idea is as a whole, but it’s hard to imagine that gamers wouldn’t want a small, lightweight computer to carry around with them and be able to play the same games they do at home. For more handheld gaming fun, don’t miss the NES Cartridge Console Mod or this Steampunk Gameboy.

Via: Popular Science