HAL 9000-Inspired iPhone 4S Dock for Siri

Whether you find the iPhone 4S’ Siri to be endearing or unsettling, you can ensure it’s the latter by purchasing this HAL 9000-style dock for your iPhone 4S, perfect for fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not only is it awesome and decorative, it’s also functional in a number of ways. In fact, one could say that the IRIS 9000 enhances the experience you have with this phone, particularly when interacting with Siri. If you’re a fan of old-school electronics, you might just instantly fall in love with the design for Think Geek’s IRIS 9000. It’s definitely reminiscent of electronics and appliances from the ’70s (give or take), making it juxtapose nicely with your sleek and flashy new iPhone.

IRIS 9000 iPhone 4S Dock

IRIS isn’t just a pretty face, however, showing off its practicality by allowing you to interact with Siri from across the room. While normally you’re tied to manually interacting with the phone in order to do so, this includes a micro remote to trigger Siri, after which you can simply speak from afar using the dock’s built-in microphone. Even better, Siri’s response will carry across the room as well since the dock also amplifies the program’s voice. As if that weren’t enough, the iconic red “eye” on the front of IRIS 9000 will flash accordingly while Siri speaks for that added, creepy touch (or charming, depending on how you like your AI).

Beyond the Siri applications, this dock also lets you use your iPhone 4S as a standard speakerphone using that same microphone and speaker combination, giving you more enjoyment out of this decorative and practical product. Then again, perhaps you’ll enjoy it simply for the novelty of asking Siri to open the pod bay doors. The IRIS 9000 isn’t yet for sale, but it’s estimated to be available on April 18, 2012. The listed price is $59.99 and you can choose to have yourself added to a mailing list so that you can be reminded the instant this product is in stock. If you still can’t wait and are desperate to pimp out your iPhone, check out some crazy mods like this iTable Docking Station or this Steampunk-Style Telephone Dock.