The Kerning Game

If you want to show off how much of a typography geek you are, then why not try out this game where your goal is to “kern” letters?

In “Kern Type,” your goal is to drag the letters along the screen using the mouse or arrow keys until their spacing, or “kerning” is pleasing to the eye. The game is also multitouch-compatible, so if you have an iPad, you can let your fingers do the kerning instead.Kerning

Kerning game

When you’re finished dragging the letters, you’ll then be able to compare your solution to the one professional typesetters would go with. Your attempt will be graded on a scale of 0 to 100. You also have the option of seeing your solution, the typographer’s solution or both at them overlaid on top of each other. After completing the game’s 10 words, you’ll get an overall score.

It’s a lot harder than it looks. The first few times you try it, you’ll probably do poorly. You’ll probably never scoff at how graphic designers don’t do real work ever again. I managed to score 100/100 on a couple of them, and the first time through my overall score was 77/100 (my experience with typography in a college newspaper editing class is the reason I did as well as I did).

If you’re really cocky and think your attempt is better than the pros, you can also share it.

The game was created by Mark MacKay for Method of Action, a new website that describes itself as “peer to peer education for people who want to get things done.” One of the subjects that students will be able to learn collaboriatively is typography. MacKay is promising that more typography games will be available soon. A lot of people seem to learn a lot by playing games, even difficult subjects like graphic design.

Some of his other creations include a web app similar to the “Lite Brite” that lets you draw in your browser, among other things.

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