Skyward Sword Link Figma by Smile Good Company

This splendid action figure of Link from Smile Good Company will surely make you smile once you see it up close.

Figma Link Skyward Sword Image 1

I’ve always wonder why Link, hero of numerous Legend of Zelda games, is as popular with gamers as Skrillex is to fourteen-year-olds. Is it the green tunic? The pointy ears? Sure, those are all important, but perhaps fans of the Nintendo protag, yours truly included, kinda likes to think that they all shares a piece of Link inside themselves, like a piece of the Triforce.

Simple heroes who speak more with their actions, much like every role Link plays in each installment, adult, young, or wolf-kind, exhibit the values we like to see in ourselves. Bravery. Kindness. All that profound gushy stuff and so forth. Interestingly enough, those same heroic qualities can also be found with Smile Good Company’s new official Link Figma, available this October for ¥3800 ($38 USD).

Figma Link Skyward Sword Image 2

You might remember Smile Good Company from other such highly detailed and highly poseable action figures like Nintendo’s planet-exploring, Samus Aran, or Sega’s blue-speedster, Sonic the Hedgehog. If anyone from the toy-world would be up to the job of creating a superb figure based on one of the most iconic characters in videogames, it would be them (oh, and Max Factory who produces their stuff).

Figma Link Skyward Sword Image 3

This particular Link figma is based on his latest adventure, the Wii Motion Plus-powered The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Don’t worry, you won’t be needing that Wii Remote attachment here. He stands at 5.5? tall, and as with every typical figma that Smile Good Company sells, comes with a fair amount of accessories to change-up his look. Exchangeable face expressions, blue power-wave thingy, the blade of evil’s bane, the Master Sword, and his trusty shield – you name it, its got it!

Figma Link Skyward Sword Image 4

Actually, wait, my bad. No. That’s pretty much all it has. But hey, that’s cool and totally more than enough for this amazing-looking action figure. If your interested in picking this bad-boy up, head on over to Smile Good Company’s website for more info, and if you want more geeky insights, a Super Mario mushroom nite light or a Father’s Day gift guide, stay right here on Walyou.