15 Cool Sleeping Bags Designs

Not everyone likes camping and sleeping outdoors, but with these cool Sleeping Bags, those same individuals would probably reconsider. As you could quickly see, here is a cool collection of 15 sleeping Bag designs that will do more than just warm your body, for they will also be a lot of fun.
Some of the following Sleeping bags are actually available, and a few are geeky designs to get people talking. In the end…they are all cool ideas that definitely beat the regular roll up Bag we used as kids.

Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping Bag

sleeping bag star wars tauntain theme

This amazing Sleeping Bag began as an April Fool’s joke which received a lot of attention and was turned into a real product. The Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping Bag is one of the most amazing Geeky creations ever! It pays tribute to the Empire Strikes Back and will warm the heart of every Star Wars Geek.

sleeping bag star wars tauntain theme 1

Sleeping Bear Bag

sleeping bag bear animal theme

Isn’t this Bear Sleeping Bag pretty entertaining? It looks like you have hunted, caught and skinned a real bear and turned it into your personal Sleeping Bag. Instead of simply mounting the Bear’s Head on your wall, you have it to cover your face when asleep. Who knows, it may keep animals away, but it may also attract other Bears.

sleeping bag bear animal theme 1

Sleeping bag Man Suit

sleeping bag man suit theme

A great design for a Sleeping Bag that is like a full suit. The Sleeping Bag Man Suit is just what it seems…a full sleeping bag which is made to accommodate our actual body outline.
The best part is that it makes it easier to move around while still inside of it.

sleeping bag design walkerbag

The Dreamwalker version is another great practical Sleeping bag that lets you wlak around while still keeping warm, and when you are ready to sleep…just lie down and close it up.

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Shark Attack Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag shark attack

While Shark Attacks are rather rare, they will never ever happen out in the woods, but with the Shark Sleeping bag you could surely make it seem so. The more comfortable you get inside the Shark, the more it seems that you are truly a gonner.

sleeping bag shark attack theme

Adam & Eve Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag adam and eve

The Adam & Eve Sleeping Bag by Alyonna Makeeva is a great potential design. It provides a double sleeping bag to use with a loved one, and the design on top is a nude one of Adam & Eve. In addition, under the top layer is a place for notes to keep a diary of the outdoor experience of the two love birds.

sleeping bag adam and eve theme

Sleep Suit

sleeping bag sleep suit dymaxion sleeping 1

Definitely not your ordinary sleeping bag, the Sleep Suit by Forrest Jessee is a bizarre design that is inspired by Dymaxion Sleeping. It combines comfort in the areas needed along with proper air flow for ongoing circulation.

sleeping bag sleep suit dymaxion sleeping 2

Power Napping

sleeping bag power napper design

A cool design that combines the Sleeping Bag with a Power work nap. The Nappak is like a blow up bed that seems a bit more personal and enjoyable.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag wearable shelter fashion 1

As part of a Wearable Shelter design from Jin Hong, this is a concept of actual outwear that can be used on a daily basis and also be useful as a sleeping bag.

sleeping bag wearable shelter fashion 2

Sleeping Bag/Tent/Hammock Combo

sleeping bag tent hammock design 2

A great combination of a Sleeping Bag, a Tent and a Hammock that was created by Leonie Bergmaier. The final design looks extremely practical and could be a lot of fun, yet it would need better insulation for Winter time.

sleeping bag tent hammock design 1

Camouflage Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag backpack camouflage design

Created by Cheryl Lin this great design integrates a Backpack with a Sleeping Bag, thus providing both a convenient and practical travel item.

Seal Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag seal theme

Don’t anybody lose their head about this bag, for the Seal Sleeping Bag is just a design to make the user look like a seal. No seals were harmed in the process.

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Sealpelt Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag sealpelt theme

The Sealpelt sleeping bag is based on an old story, but the design by Vik Prjonsdottir is modern and exciting. Overall, you get a loose sleeping bag that is comfortable, warm and joyful with the variety of colors.

Jabba the Hut Bag

sleeping bag jabba the hut theme

One would think that with the size of Jabba the Hut, then this sleeping bag should accomodate at least two individuals, but they would be mistaken. It is a slim one that besides the geeky design, is just like any other one.

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Bigfoot Bag

sleeping bag jeff bigfoot design

Designed by Alex Lathrope the Jeff Bigfoot Sleeping Bag is part of a hopeful toy set providing a practical sleeping bag with a cool design. It could actually be dangerous though…if campers would mistake you for a sleeping Sasquatch.