Yill: A Wireless, Portable Source Of Energy

It has the appearance of avant-garde, futuristic designer luggage but there’s no room for mismatched socks or knotty sweaters here. The Yill stores energy, 300 watts of actual electrical energy that you can easily transport from one place to the other.

The product was designed by Werner Aisslinger and developed by Younicos, a company that specializes in storage units and renewable energy stations. It wasn’t conceived for everyday, familiar use; it’s aimed particularly at small companies and offices. It uses a safe lithium titanium battery and carries around enough energy to power workplaces for up to 3 days. Once depleted, it only demands about 4 hours to be fully recharged.

The recharging can be done either by plugging it into a regular socket or “a charging station that draws power from renewable sources.” Perhaps the main attraction of the Yill lies right there: It can function as a reserve of certain types of energy that aren’t round-the-clock available (such as solar energy) so that they can be taken advantage of at any given time.

Being a cordless and mobile device, besides, the Yill contributes to making routines around the office a lot more flexible and fun. Teams can come together and meetings can take place almost spontaneously, wherever they’re needed and called for; as long as the Yill is nearby virtually any place can be transformed into suitable, makeshift headquarters. Moreover, Younicos’ invention could help get rid of bothersome elements such as elevated floor sockets.

The main drawback is its size. However, as I previously stated, it’s mainly designed to be moved around the office so it’s likely that wouldn’t be a problem at all.

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