10 Smartest Safes to Hide Your Money In

Hiding your money and other valuables is serious business. Instead of spending too much money on complicated safes you might have trouble opening on your own, go for the simpler, cheaper solution, that blends so well with the background you yourself will forget it’s there.

Bread Safe

All the magic is at the bottom of this contraption, without any seam to accidentally reveal its true identity.

Candle Safe

If you ever get really hungry or find yourself in the need to shave your legs, just remember – these are actually 100% wax.

The Clock Safe

A simple hinged design which allows you to hide your cash, jewelry and other valuables behind what is a completely ordinary, functioning clock.

Coca-Cola Can

Just like the other food products, seems like a harmless item found in any kitchen. Problem is, a thirsty intruder will probably go for Coke can and not the water bottle.

Del Monte Can

Just like the Pringles can, but even less attractive for your common home prowler. This one doesn’t have the actual food to conceal the goods, but does come with a bottom that pulls out.

Hair Brush Safe

You can keep your appearance and hairline tip top while feeling safe, knowing you’re making yourself look better while actually concealing money inside this useful item.

Lettuce Safe

On the outside, it looks like a not too attractive looking vegetable  No way the person breaking into your home will try and eat this while saving his strength for the police getaway that comes later.

Outlet Safe

A non-functioning outlet with a hidden compartment for valuables behind the face.

Pringles Can

An actual Pringles can, if you were wondering. The sealed can top even has a top layer of chips covering the safe pot.

Tank Top

Made of cotton, this tank top safe looks and feels like the real thing.