Old Pieces of Furniture Converted to Surrealistic Wood Animals

When you want to renew your furniture, you have several options, as far as the old one is concerned: you can give it away to less fortunate people, throw it in the dumpster or recycle it in an artsy way.

While some of the works of artist Marc Sparfel resemble animals that roam the Earth, others are so surrealistic that they cannot be compared to any living creature. The good thing is that he found an ingenious way of repurposing abandoned furniture or pieces that simply are out of fashion. In order to create his impressive sculptures, the artist had to tear the pieces of furniture apart, in case decay hadn’t already done that.

The above wood elephant, for example, was made out of two back chairs, a wooden chair leg and another piece of wood that most probably originates in a chair, too. The original name of this sculpture is Masque Elephant, denoting the fact that it is part of the wood masks collection.

The second piece is titled Warrior I (Guerrier I), suggesting that there are multiple versions of the same piece of art.

Next, there is a little antelope (Petite Antilope), which would not have seemed out of place in a painting by Salvador Dali, for example.

The Senufo bird (Oiseau Senufo II), pictured above, is named after a type of hat that is worn by men during the initiation ceremonies of the Poro of Sierra Leone.

The creation of the giraffe (La Girafe), required not only portions of wood resulting from various pieces of furniture, but also a wheel. The wood sculptures of this artist are incredibly interesting as they are, in a fixed position, but if they were set in motion, the surrealistic animals would remain imprinted in people’s minds for a very long time.

When first seeing the above sculpture, I thought it resembles a horse. Its title, however, Taureau, made me realize this is, in fact, a bull. The horns should have made things clearer to me, if I am to think about it.

Last, but definitely not least, there is a little furniture lion (Petit Lion), that is anything but scary, not resembling its living counterpart not even a tiny bit.

Even though only 7 wood animals were pictured here, Marc Sparfel’s collection of surrealistic sculpture includes many more pieces. To see the rest, along with their precise dimensions, head to Marc Sparfel’s website and check the Wood Animals section.

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