Smartfish Engage Keyboard w/Anti-Fatigue Comfort Motion [CES 2011]

One of the most common problems that frequent computer users encounter is the RSI or Repetitive Stress Injury. It occurs due to the way we use our keyboards, and also the way we position our wrists and arms while typing on a keyboard.

Smartfish introduced their Engage™ Keyboard which comes with ErgoMotion that helps you to avoid developing the dreaded Repititive Stress Injury.

The company revealed several details of the keyboard at the CES 2011, which is taking place currently at Las Vegas. The keyboard features a patented motion system which observes your typing frequency and even intelligently changes the position of your own wrists subtly, in order to make sure you do not suffer from any sort of stress to your muscles or joints.

Dr. Jack Atzmon, who is the CEO of Smartfish and also the inventor of the keyboard, reveals that the keyboards themselves can help you to avoid injuries instead of being the reason for the same. Thanks to a special design and shape, the keyboard allows for free movement of your wrist joints and also that of your fingers.

The keyboard is also smart enough to study how your fingers and wrists move usually and make sure that the keyboard moves your wrists gently and subtly so as to not disturb either your typing or your work. Much of the Repetitive Stress Injuries take place due to the inflexibility of keyboards. This inflexibility in turn cause a person to not realize that he is applying pressure or stress on a single area of the wrist or arm.

By changing the position slightly, without the user’s knowledge, the Smartfish’ Ergo Keyboard saves computer users from one of the most common ailments that we know today. It is also being touted as the world’s first intelligent ergo keyboard.The keyboard costs $149.95.

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