Smartphone Controlled WiFi Enabled LED Light Bulbs

LIFX are the light bulbs of tomorrow, as they pack more technology than you could have ever imagined. Besides that, they are customizable in a great number of ways, thus providing the exact type of light that you need.

Phil Bosua, the Melbourne-based co-creator of this magic light bulb, figured that light bulbs, while revolutionary, have not evolved much in the last century. When the electric circuit is closed, there is light, when it is open, there isn’t. That’s basic physics! Yes, there are potentiometers available that enable us to dim the lights. However, Phil Bosua, along with other geniuses (Andrew Birt, Andy Gelme, John Bosua, Ben Hamey, Dave Evans and Guy King) wanted something far more customizable, something that fits our modern times. LIFX, their Kickstarter project, represents the answer to all of their and our needs.

Setting up LIFX is very intuitive, even though I’m sure there will also be instructions available with the product. All people have to do is replace their old light bulbs with LIFX smartbulbs and download the smartphone app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. After that, they can start dimming the lights or use the bulbs in any other possible way. The color of the light can be easily changed from the smartphone app, so you no longer have to buy colored bulbs to enjoy anything different from white. The color spectrum reminded me of Philips Living Colors, but these bulbs are far smarter than that lamp.

The bulbs can also be programmed to increase their light gradually in the morning, so you wake up naturally. In addition, the light can also be dimmed gradually in the evening. This feature is particularly useful if you have kids and you want to put them to sleep at a certain hour without turning off the light suddenly.

LIFX smartbulbs are also able to match the beat of your music. Impressing your guests will surely be an effortless task with such lights. Moreover, to deter unwanted guests while you are away, you can set the lights to turn on several times a day, so that burglars get the impression that there is someone at home. Of course, a home alarm would provide you additional peace of mind.

Since LIFX smartbulbs use LEDs, you will also be able to save money in the long run.  Besides, you won’t have to make any changes to your electric current system, and the classic switches will still work, even though you won’t use them as much.

At the moment this post was written, the project raised on Kickstarter $690,500 from 4,656 backers, almost 7 times the initial sum required for funding LIFX. This only stands to show that a lot of people believe in the functionality of this product. It should also be noted that the project was submitted to Kickstarter a couple of days ago and it still has 57 days to go. Do not surprised if at the end, the pledged sum exceeds a few million dollars. LIFX smartbulbs will be available for sale in March 2013 for $69 a piece. Backers are able to save money by buying packs of 2, 4,6, 8 or 10 light bulbs.

A software developer kit (SDK) and a hacker kit will be available for hackers and developers who want to enhance this product even further. For additional details about LIFX smartbulbs, please check the Kickstarter page of the project.

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