15 Best Artworks Influenced by the Hobbit

The second official trailer to ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ was released today, which gives everyone to be on Tolkien alert, as it reminds us all the first part of the trilogy is coming out in just under three months (December 14).

To get your juices flowing, here are the 15 best works of art found on the web having to do with characters and scenes from the book (The Hobbit if you haven’t guessed, or read it) the trilogy is based upon.

Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo finding the one ring, by chance; Art by Luaprata91.

Bilbo & Smaug

Bilbo meeting the dragon Smaug; art by OtisFrampton.

Art by toerning.

Bilbo Meets the First Dwarf

The first of many to come through his door; art by Pervandr.

All in One Picture

The story from beginning to end, all in one frame; art by madbatter.

The Last Supper, Hobbit Style

A night with the dwarves and Gandalf, discussing the journey, isn’t all that fun; art by ringbearer80.


Art by kimsol.

Smaug Destroying Esgaroth (Lake Town)

Smaug taken his frustration out on Lake Town after realizing something was stolen from his golden pile; art by Gaius31duke.

Gollum, Before he Lost the Ring

Art by Branflakes2.

Riddles in the Dark

Bilbo and Gollum playing a game of riddles; art by DanielGovar.

Gandalf comes for a visit

Art by FrankVenice.

Thorin Oakenshield

The on-screen Thorin will be a much better looking bloke; art by joelhustak.

Beorn & His Hall

The best skin-changer in Middle Earth and his awesome house; Art by JonHodgson (Hall) & Lelia (First one).

Thranduil, the Elvenking

The ruler of the wood-elves in the northern part of the Mirkwood, and also the father of Legolas. Once again, art by JonHodgson.