PlayStation 3 Gets 3rd Redesign, Out Sept. 25

Sony introduces a new model of their PlayStation 3 at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim image 1

Once upon a time the PlayStation 3 was a behemoth. I have a friend who still, amazingly, has a fully-working original 20GB model, and that thing is as heavy as a SUV. A gross exaggeration, okay, sure, but not when it comes to the astonishing difference between it and its 2009-introduced slimmed down variant. No sir-ree.

The liposuction-like loss in girth is cray cray when comparing the original PS3 “phat” to the “slim.” Heck, I’m not quite even sure how they were able to fit everything in something so flippin’ compact. And then on top of that to make it slimmer? Or more accurately, 25% more slimmer as touted by Sony during their recent Tokyo Game Show reveal. Inconceivable!

PlayStation 3 Super Slim image 2

By George though, the engineers at Sony HQ have done it. Arriving on store shelves September 25 in North America, is a third, and possibly final, redesign of the PlayStation 3. This super slimmer PS3 will come in two SKUs, again, one featuring a 250GB hard drive for $249USD, and a 500GB version out on October 30 for $299USD.

Weight loss aside, this new PS3 model still shares a good sum of its looks with its current predecessor. It’s a design that works, so why change it? Although, the one instantly striking difference is that the top shell of the console is now fashioned with a center-ridged motif. I kinda dig it, personally; it’s ridged for our pleasure! (Yes, I’ve been saving that joke. Leave me be.)

Sony is also promising a new PS3 bundle on top of all this redesign news, and for $269USD on the same September day that the standalone 250GB comes out, there will be one that includes this particular gaming hardware, a copy of Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Edition, and a $30 voucher for the free-to-play shooter Dust 514.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Uncharted 3 bundle image

The company also dropped hints at an Assassin’s Creed III bundle in the works, but nothing concrete on that front just yet. I’m sure we’ll hear more info on that in the coming weeks, but in the meanwhile, keep it glued to Walyou for the latest in videogame news – all you need to know about the Nintendo Wii U –  or just geeky news in general – say these Bluetooth enabled gloves.