Man Gets Smartphone Dock Built in to Prosthetic Arm

Smartphones may soon be built into prosthetic arms which would help people to use gadgets even if they lack functionality of their arms or limbs.

Trevor Prideaux is a 50 year old British man who is the world’s first man to get a prosthetic arm that has a Smartphone docking system built into it. Trevor Prideaux has been wearing a prosthetic arm ever since he was a toddler as he was born without his left arm. He had learnt to balance his smartphones on his prosthetic arm in order to use it. On bad days, he would have to place the phone on a flat surface in order to be able to make or receive calls or use it in a manner that would make sure that it would slip off from his prosthetic arm.

Mr. Prideaux can now text his family and friends and make calls without going through all this trouble as the Smartphone dock is embedded into his laminated and fiberglass arm. He sought the help of communications chiefs at Nokia and a few medical experts in order to have the C7 smartphone dock built into the prosthetic arm.

To be able to use a cellphone with just one hand has been taken for granted by most users, but those who do not have two arms know that it can become quite a disability to operate Smartphones that come with touchscreens. Most of us use our iPhones and other touchscreen phones with two hands and the phones are built in such a manner as well. however, with advancements in prosthetics and a special area in which Smartphones can be docked, it seems like people who need to use prosthetic arms can finally begin to use Smartphones just the way the rest of the world does.

Exeter Mobility Centre worked hard to build a laminated fiber cast Smartphone dock into the prosthetic for Mr. Prideaux to use. Trevor also added that the new Smartphone enabled prosthetics could be of great help to people who have lost their arms and limbs in wars, soldiers who are maimed and people who have been amputated during their later part of life. These prosthetics could ameliorate the quality of lives of people who otherwise lead fully functioning and satisfying lives. You could also take a look at the Bionic Hand and the Luke Arm, which are quite modern prosthetics too.