Smartphone Power Bank Made in the Style of Iron Man’s Suit

Here’s yet another Iron Man-themed device for the ones who were impressed by the latest flick. This time, it’s a gadget that will ensure that your smartphone does not run out of juice.

Right after the launch of the third Iron Man movie, a lot of themed items entered public attention. Of course, all of them that do not fit in the clothing category come with an LED that resembles Tony Stark’s arc reactor. All of them with one exception, the Iron Man t-shirt. This is also the case with the current gadget, a smartphone power bank that has the chest of the Mark 42 armor as its cover.

As the power bank comes with a USB port, people are able to charge any USB devices besides smartphones and tablets. However, the modern smartphones run out of battery the fastest if they’re used extensively, so I’d like to focus on this part.

The aforementioned LED lights up when the power bank is in use. On top of that, the gadget also comes with sound and visual effects. You might not want to hear the sound effects of Tony Stark’s exoskeleton each and every time you want to charge a device, so the manufacturer also made a Mute button. Please check the video at the end of this post to see how the Iron Man power bank looks and feels in real life.

The capacity of the battery is of 4,000mAh, which is more than enough to fully charge the newest and the “hungriest” smartphones. On the other hand, considering the capacity of tablet batteries, this power bank would provide less than 50 percent. In emergency situations, I guess it would be OK, but if you’re planning to do a longer trip in the great outdoors, I’d suggest looking for a bigger power bank or even a solar charger. You would also end up paying less if the device isn’t licensed to bear any superhero themes. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy this one. It certainly has some interesting features, but there might be some better alternatives out there.

Speaking of the price, the Iron Man smartphone power bank is available for $65 at Brando. The retailer takes international orders, so if you’re an Iron Man fan and like the idea of having a smartphone power bank designed as your hero’s latest armor, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from.


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