Robot Bartender makes its debut at Google I/O, still hates Daiquiris

Boozehounds at Google’s I/O can now order their favorite drink through an app on their phones, but shouldn’t expect much care from it’s robotic bartender.


Say hello to Makr Shakr: a robotic bartender that certainly won’t listen to your life troubles, but will happily fix you up with your favorite drink, even if you just made it up yesterday. This android-powered robot (hah, ironic isn’t it?) is making its debut at Google I/O 2013 as of this Wednesday and is mixing it up for event-goers and developers alike. Better yet, this bartender isn’t all work and no-play, the three robotic appendages responsible for getting you plastered act with the grace and acrobatic finesse of a real bartender (you know the ones I’m talking about). Not convinced? These limbs were coordinated using the gestures Roberto Bolle with some help from director and choreographer Marco Pelle. You can check out a video of MIT’s pet project right here;

## Insert video please

Carlo Ratti the director of the MIT’s Senseable City Lab said, in an email, that “The system explores the new dynamics of social creation and consumption — ‘design, make, and enjoy'”, which is sure to send plenty of wacky and out-there recipes on the wire. Better yet, you’re now pretty sure that your bartender won’t look at you like you fell out of a plane when you ask them for a “Broken down Golfcart”, since it’ll be on the menu right from your app and ready to be mixed up before you even hit the bar. I suppose the last thing we need to wonder is; do Robot bartenders deserve tip? Ethical dilemmas ahoy, but who cares when you can get your booze on? Thanks MIT!

Source: CNET

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