Magnum 500-inspired Smoking Gun Grill

The Beatles encouraged us all to think in a certain manner when they sang about how happiness is all about a warm gun.

That warm gun is something that we may not be able to discuss here, but this socially acceptable warm gun that also barbecues yummy meat is something that we can write about. This grill is modeled after a Smith & Wesson Magnum 500 revolver and measures 15 feet. If you are into big guns and always desired size and girth, this warm gun is not going to disappoint you.

To say that it is warm is an understatement, as it grills meat just the way your mom warned you about. The Smoking Gun Grill was built by a group of high school students for their welding class. These Idaho students are way too resourceful and I am sure their little school project will inspire many people to build their own happy warm guns, whatever that may mean.

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