Grisly & Morbid Alien and Predator Cake

There is never a dearth of creative cakes that are inspired by various video games, films and comics.

This time around, a quaint bakery in England has gone ahead and created an Alien and Predator Cake that looks out of this world. The cake is not only horrifying and scary to look at, it also comes with a very morbid message. The caption at the bottom reads, “You May Now Decapitate the Bride”. While the message is morbid and scary, the cake itself is meant for weddings so this should of course be taken as a joke and not otherwise.

The Little Cherry Cake Company’s owner Tracey made it on her own by adding a Predator jungle tier, after looking at another Alien themed cake online. She also added the two black Alien tiers which look pretty grisly. Well, this Alien and Predator cake has to be one of the creepiest cakes that I have ever come across.

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