Flowerpot is a Grill in Disguise

Many people don’t quite have the room for a grill or they simply find the outdoor appliance to be a bit of an eyesore. This decorative pot may be the solution to both. Grilling is a healthy cooking method which lends itself to unique tastes and often finds itself a fun summer activity. I’m all for getting more people outside to grill, especially since I live in the state of Washington with its gloomy weather which often keeps people cooking indoors.

Black + Blum has designed this beautiful ceramic pot, which looks just like any normal pot for a plant. Only the top piece, which is actually more of a lid, serves as a proper pot, whereas the lower portion is a fully-functioning charcoal grill.

Hot Pot Planter and Grill

Removable Hot Pot Grill

If you live in an apartment with a balcony or find yourself otherwise huddled into small or covered areas, a full-size grill is usually not a viable option. Not only does this idea give you a pot to grow your plants (presumably herbs which can be used in your outdoor cooking) it gives you a camouflaged grill which won’t take up your precious balcony real estate in terms of size, nor will it be a clunky eyesore. The pot itself is coated with insulating ceramic, whereas the grill parts itself are stainless steel. The grill top is also removable, resulting in an easily portable and washable surface.

There are a number of small grills out there, both gas and charcoal, but storing them can be an issue. Rather than leave them set up on your balcony all the time, consider this more decorative option. At $124, it’s definitely not cheap, but it is good looking and serves two functions; if you’re the type of person who’s very aesthetically inclined, replacing a standard charcoal grill with something like this could be easily worth the price. If this grill concept is a bit too minimalist for you, check out something more flashy like this Nintendo Grill or this R2-D2 Smoker.