The Floating Grill

It may be the dead of winter, depending on which hemisphere you live on. One company has designed a floating grill for those awesome summer beachfront barbecues.

The Floating Flamer is a grill that, like its name suggests, floats on the water. The Minnesota-based manufacturer’s custom-made grills let you cook succulent, juicy burgers, fries, ribs, or whatever else you want to cook while still being able to frolic in the water.  Appropriately enough, the company is also called “Floating Flamer.”

Floating Flamer website

And when they say custom, they mean custom. As one of the owners explains in a video, you can choose from a “topless” model or the “Grand Flamer.” If you have a corporate logo, you can have it emblazoned on your grill, perfect for the company picnic. You can also have drink holders installed, so you can slam back your favorite beverages while you grill. Cooking animal flesh over a flame sure works up a thirst.

They don’t say in the video or on their site whether the grill uses gas or charcoal, but I suspect that part might be custom as well.

It’s never to early to prepare for those summer cookouts, so you may want to check this out if you’re into staying in the water until you turn into a prune.

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