Fire Someone Lately? Change Your Password!

Self-proclaimed “Internet sales & marketing professional,” Mark Davidson, really needs to learn the fundamental operations of using social media sites. Changing your password on Twitter, for example, is one of them.

Sitting here writing this, I can’t help a smirk that has come across my face. One of Mark Davidson’s former “ghost writers” for his social networking accounts has created a ruckus among his Twitter followers, going on a rant after being fired just a day ago. Since Davidson forgot to change his password to Twitter, this fired contractor sent out the Tweet from his own account, currently with over 55,000 followers.

The drunk former ghostwriter who took part in running Davidson’s account may have subsequently ruined his own chances for any employment if his real name gets out, but the Twitter world is certainly enjoying this rather ludicrous situation for the meanwhile. However, who do you think will need more ORM (online reputation management) at the end of this ordeal?

As it’s still very early morning in Orange County, California, where Davidson lives, he has yet to deleted his Tweets … but none of that will matter, as his (ghostwriters’) fellow Tweeps are sure not to live down this this situation for some time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, (perhaps fellow former?) followers of @markdavidson, please take care to remember three important things when contracting out social network account management:

  1. Learn how to use basic functions, like changing your password;
  2. Do so before officially giving the boot;
  3. Realize that in the end, people want the real you, anyway. Just do the damn tweeting yourself!

Update: Apparently another one of the @markdavidson ghost writers has quit. Is this all staged or real? What do you think?