21 Awesome Twitter Designs and Products

There is no need to talk about the Twitter phenomenon. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has raised to become one of the most popular web services, challenging Facebook and other social networks. Often described as “SMS of the Internet”, Twitter stands out for its conciseness and immediacy. Many products have been created to rise on the wave of Twitter popularity. Here is the list of 21 coolest Twitter products and designs for social media freaks.

Multitouch Twitter Wall

The multitouch Twitter wall is a real appliation that looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie. Made of six multitouch cell 46 advanced displays, the wall is 46 inches wide and can be set up into a 3 x 2 configuration. It can display a slew of different tweets in a visual format depending on your preferences and searched by using hashtags and keywords.

Public Twitter Booth 2.0


As smart phones and other internet enabled portable devices prevail, a public Twitter booth to update tweets on the go is unlikely to be needed in the future. However, the design of the booth implies that Twitter of today is as popular as telephone of the last decades.

Twitwee Cuckoo Clock

Dubbed as Twitwee, this cuckoo clock is connected to Twitter API through WiFi and can update the latest tweets on its small LED screen. When there is a new update, the little cuckoo will pop out of the clock to inform you. Not recommended for those who have new update every single minute though.

Puppy Tweets


The Twitter spree spares no one, and now even your dog can tweet thanks to Puppy Tweets developed by Mattel. The toy can be tied to your pooch’s collar to monitor the movements and send out pre-recorded tweets to the pet’s twitter account. 500 tweets come pre-recorded with the toy and more will be available for download.

Kickbee Baby Twitter Machine


Menscher, an expectant father and a hardcore geek, built one crazy machine that can be worn around the pregnant mom’s belly and tracks the baby’s movements together with the frequency of the movements. The information is then updated on Twitter through Bluetooth connection.

Auto-Tweets WiFi Body Scale


Via: Mashable

If your weight is not something you are really proud of, this auto-tweets WiFi body scale is exactly the motivation you need to get fit. It is designed to auto-tweet your every weigh-in along with the number of pounds you need to gain or lose to reach your goal.

Botanical Twitter Kit


Gardening can be hi-tech too. The Botanical Twitter Kit from Adafruit can sensor the soil and send update to your Twitter account when the plant needs to be watered.

Xbox 360 Twitter Mod


As if an Xbox 360 alone is not cool enough, some folk decided that it could be even cooler with Twitter theme. The Xbox 360 Twitter Mod was painted with Twitter’s distinct robin’s egg blue color, Twitter’s clouds and Twitter’s logo.

Twitter Mouse Pad


Twitter “What are you pointing” mouse pad is a perfect accessory for a social media freak to have on his desk. It would be really great if you can have your mouse pad personalized to feature your own Twitter account.

Adidas Twitter Superstar


Adidas and Twitter are brought together in one killer shoe design: Adidas Twitter Superstar. The design is based on the original Adidas Superstar shoe and features Twitter’s typical color tone and logo. Awesomeness at its best!

Twitter Shoes


At the age of 21, Daniel Reese already knows how to cultivate his graphical talents and geekiness to make extra money by creating fantastic shoe designs based on popular web services and applications. Twitter shoe design is one of them.

Rambler Tweeter Sneakers


Here comes a pair of Twitter shoes that can really tweet. Called Rambler Tweeter Sneaker, the shoes can sense your walk and send out tweets every step you take.

Follow Me Twitter Tattoo Stockings


Sexy, geeky and chic, the Follow Me Twitter tattoo stockings can literally get people to follow you home.

Twitter Bird Nails


Geek girls are the best! Check out this beautiful Twitter nail design and you will understand why. The colors, the pattern, the Twitter logo, etc. Everything is so perfect and authentic.

Anti- Twitter Bib


Via: CafePress

Babies’ wisdom never goes wrong. Why waste time on Twitter if you can have people following the mess you create in real world?

Twitter Memorabilia Dishtowels


Featuring a tweet of your choice, the Twitter memorabilia dishtowel makes a perfect geeky gift for your fellow Twitter users. Each towel is made from woven cotton and has a diagonal hanging hook to hang out for drying.

Vintage Twitter


The prevalence of Twitter means the diminution of the classic Post-It notes. On its 30th year anniversary, Post-It accepted the defeat and changed their strategy from counter to co-operation. Its new product, called Vintage Tweets, is a great way to leave messages to your friends when Internet is inaccessible or unnecessary.

Twitter Paper Toy


Twitter goes origami with Twitter paper toy.  Designed by Rosaura Ochoa, the paper Twitter bird is simple enough to be created by an eight year old.

Ollie the Cute Bird


Twitterrific has come up with an ultra cute model of Twitter bird, named Ollie. It is a collectible and you can put it on top of your mailbox or your computer for decoration.

Twitter Chocolate Cake


The Twitter Chocolate cake is so delicious that it might make you forget to tweet for one moment. Baked by The Sugar Me Bakery, the Twitter cake was made in Twitter’s typical blue color, with a bird landing on a branch just like on Twitter’s homepage.

Tweet Rings


If you have ever read your own tweets and uttered: “Wow, I’m so smart, my tweets are awesome”, Alphabeth.com’s Tweet Rings are for you. Each ring can carry one tweet of your choice on one or both sides, and can be ordered online through Tweet Rings’ website.