Flowtown Social Networking Posters: Social Media High School

If your high school consisted of avatar versions of Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Wikileaks and Flickr, you’d have some intense gossip going around. Well, Flowtown’s new Social Media Class of 2011 poster takes that idea and tacks it to your bedroom wall.

Now you can really imagine that your high school crush was Twitter, the captain of the football team, Facebook (Really, a site built by an intense computer nerd?),  and Wikipedia, the obvious know-it-all, Math/Chess/Star Trek geek who was constantly bullied.

The poster is laid out in a yearbook format with involvement in clubs and activities listed underneath a profile shot of a student with the head of a YouTube, Reddit, or even WordPress’ logo, all, of course, concluded with a favorite quote of these social networking students’ choosing.

Really brings back the memories, eh? (Seriously, this is making me feel old. Pre-Zuckerberg, even AltaVista was still popular.) We think Myspace’s Oscar Wilde quote sums up the high school gossip group nicely, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Oh, and can you guess who the class president was? No, not Stumbleupon, but Linkedin. He’s got all the connections, and he’s clearly not ashamed of it considering his quote of choice: “It’s not what you know but who you know that makes the difference.” That hand-shaking bastard! He’ll be senator one day.

Poor Digg started up the How to Win Friends (Back) and Influence People (Again) Club and YouTube founded the Talking Cats Video Club. Lastly, we cannot forgot Mr. Posh, aka Google. We’re not quite sure why daddy put the founder of the Yacht Club, Billionaires Club, and Future Investors of America Club in this public school, but he’s certainly the guy you go to to get a loan.

The Social Media Class of 2011 Poster can be purchased at Flowtown’s store for $16.99. You could also just share the poster via all of the class members social networks for free. For more cool social media related stuff, take a peek at social media icon pillows, origami style social media icons and the social media anthem.

Via: Flowtown