Arts and Crafts Dune Sandworm and Muad Dib Crochet

Dune Sandworm and Muad Dib Crochet

Dune is a true geek classic. While it may not be as “trendy” as some of the other Geeky books/films, it is a masterpiece in itself. That is why it is wonderful to see artists still provide mention as seen with this Dune Sandworm and Muad Dib crochet.

dune sandworm crochet art

This crochet art by Smapte brings together one of the best scenes in the original Dune book (and movie) with great resemblance and artistic flavor. To give more credit to artist, it is also mentioned that the Sandworm was done by hand without any patterns, so it is as if he holds the touch.

dune sandworm muad dib crochet art

We have some other amazing crochet for geeks, such as the Star Wars Characters crochet, the freaky Exorcist Scene and even the bright Conan O’Brien doll.


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