Step On The Web: Social Media Shoes

Because some people live and breathe Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, this is the next thing that made sense: Social Media Shoes. One of the most particular aspects of the Internet is the whole cult of oneself that is created: people have the tools to set up their virtual personas and share everything they do with friends and strangers alike. As such, Lumen Bigottfrom Venezuela decided to create a tribute to the tools that changed the way we perceive others in the form of a pair of shoes. Say what you will, but this is very original, and a twist on the old t-shirt that’s been done and done again.

Google Shoes

Google-ShoesThe choice of colors may be awkward in fashion terms, but people will have to deal: these are the Google shoes, using the gamma from the searches giant. Be sure to keep them clean and shiny.

Facebook Shoes

Facebook-ShoesIf we happened to own these shoes, we’d be poking them all day long to see who sent that friend request. Facebook’s shade of blue works particularly well with a pair of shoes, so this is a double win.

Flickr Shoes

Flickr-ShoesNow, we’re not sure if we’d ever wear these, but hey, those are the flickr colors! If you can’t get enough of the image and creation sharing site, these are for you.

YouTube Shoes

Youtube-ShoesOn the other hand, these looks like shoes we could wear to school.  Especially if you’re studying to become a movie maker, but still want to pay homage to your underground roots.

Wikipedia Shoes

Wiki-ShoesIf everyone who donated to Wikipedia got these shoes, the world would be a better place. This is our favorite piece of the collection, and the fact that is based on the greatest free encyclopedia of the Earth is great for all humanists.

Twitter Shoes

Twitter_shoes We’ll be honest here: we would have wondered why Twitter isn’t here if it hadn’t been created, but we’re not sure baby blue is the greatest choice of colors for a pair of shoes. Oh well, at least the fail whale is as cute as ever. We would also love to see shoes dedicated to Reddit, Tumblr and 4Chan (we’d be scared to see this one), to name a couple missing here, but this collection is pretty cool as it is. If you want to see more tributes to social media, check out FBed, the Ultimate Bed For Facebook Fans and Social Network Pixel Coasters For Your Fancy Beverages.

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