Cool Vespa Scooter Desk

If you’re looking for something cool for your home office, then this desk made out of a Vespa scooter will give you some hipster cred.

David Giametta came up with this design, taking the frame of an authentic 1968 Vespa Piaggio  scooter and mounting a laptop on the handlebars, and some books on the back. Even if your desk is an impossibly cool scooter, it’s always nice to have something to read in case you get bored.

Vespa Scooter Desk

Vespa Scooter Desk

I can tell that some of you are already hearing The Who’s “The Real Me” blaring inside your heads when you see this thing. Even if you’re stuck inside writing articles, you can still imagine yourselves cruising the streets of Roma, perhaps stopping in some cafe for a little espresso.

Its designer says that tougher environmental regulations make it difficult to keep classic vehicles on the road, and that turning it into a desk is better than having it sit in some landfill somewhere.

I don’t know how ergonomic the design is, but sometimes you have to sacrifice some comfort for style, and a little carpal tunnel might be worth it if you look this cool at your desk.

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