Avenger Vertical Tourbillion Watch

Watches are good gifts to give over the holidays, and one watch combines a cool Lamborghini-inspired design with a vertical tourbillion to create a watch any car enthusiast or someone who likes interesting watches will love.

The watch was created by Marko Petrovic. It’s based on the classic design of the Lamborghini Avenger. And the mechanism is something else. Instead of the usual big hand and little hand, it looks more like an odometer, with indicators that turn to indicate minutes, hours, and seconds, and the day of the week.

Avenger watch 1

A tourbillion is a way of mounting the watch mechanism so it will be accurate no matter which way you hold it. They were used mostly for chronometers for sailors and other people who needed to keep time accurately. Those boats going up and down would wreak havoc on conventional clocks based on gears. They usually show up in very expensive watches, simply because of their intricate mechanical design. Even if cell phones have been replacing watches, sometimes it’s wearing a timepiece on your wrist can still be cool.

Avenger 2

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