Gifts for Geeks Under $100: 7 Tokyoflash LED Watches

It’s shopping time! Every year you are trying to buy  new and exciting gifts for your loved ones. Well, your search is over! If you are a loyal Walyou reader you’ve probably seen these Tokyoflash watches, but now you can get special holiday deals, up to 50% off and free shipping.

To save you some money we gathered the best seven Tokyoflash watches under 100, please note that its for a limited time offer so if you see anything you like make sure to get it soon. We also have a special bonus, Tokyoflash is offering to those how will Shop this holiday season for a watch, one of 3 great prizes, for more information please visit Tokyoflash.

  1. Kisai Sensai Pure LED Watch

  2. Kisai Tenmetsu LED Watch

  3. Tokyoflash Hanko LED Watch

  4. Tokyoflash Waku LED Watch

  5. Kisai Sensai Alloy LED Watch

  6. Tokyoflash NI LED Watch

  7. Kisai Satellite White LED Watch