The Soft Book of Star Wars

One of the more creative things done in recent times regarding the Star Wars franchise is Julie Gillrie making a cloth 10-page edition of Star Wars called “My Jedi Quiet Book” which might not have the impressive graphics and special effects the movies have, but is sweet, innocent and cool in its own special way.

The creator, Julie Gillrie, later created a Star Trek Quiet book which takes the story and make if perfect for a geek dad to tell his kid who has no idea what he’s talking about when he keeps mentioning the force, death stars, OB one and Darth Vader, which doesn’t sound like anything nice.

There’s just something about being able to touch and feel and move the characters instead of just looking at them making it more than just original, but actually practical and fun to use.

My guess? Adults will probably take advantage of yet another way to enjoy the greatest sci-fi story ever told than the actual kids these soft books were made for.

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