In Case of Emergency Use the Solar E Power Cube

Now that green energy is at most people’s fingertips, at least in the developed countries, relying on gasoline-powered electric generators is a big no-no.

There still are plenty of situations when a power bank comes in useful, and not all of them are emergencies. When a backup source of electricity is required, solar panels are the most cost-effective, even though at the moment their efficiency is not that great. The Solar E Power Cube is exactly what the doctor ordered, as it can collect energy without harming the environment, and then it can store it for prolonged periods of time so that you can use it when needed.

Made by Wagan Corporation (Wagan Tech), a company that specializes in power inverters and other related goods, the Solar e Cube 1500 is not exactly a new product. In 2012, when it was first showcased, it won the “Best in Class” award at the DIY (Do it Yourself) Network and the National Hardware Show.

Chad Youngblood, the General Manager of the DIY Network had only words of praise back then: “This baby is stylish and portable. It houses all of the modern power connections and mobile devices people use today. [It] could play a role in keeping my family safe and comfortable.”

Alex Hsu, Wagan Tech Vice President of Sales, explained that “We have spent years developing a solar generator that is not only ‘plug-and-play’ but also fully portable. We were pleased to see that our hard work and dedication to this project had attracted to so much attention. Winning Best in Class really showed us that consumers understand the problems with current gasoline generators and are looking for other cleaner forms of power, which we are able to offer.”

The Solar e Cube 1500 makes use of 5 solar panels to collect 80W of energy in a 100Ah hybrid AGM-gel battery. It packs 2 USB ports and everything else you need to power up your gadgets when there’s a storm. In addition, it can also be charged from an AC power outlet, just in case you live in an area where there’s not much sun, and use it in case of emergency.

The Solar e Power Cube is a tad pricy, since you will have to spend $1,299 to get one. It’s currently available on Kotulas, should you be looking for a backup solution.

Ironically enough, I’m listening to Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six – My Enemy, which is basically Electro’s theme in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I don’t like dubstep at all, but there’s something really catchy about this tune.

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