Solar Powered Pants Will Charge Your Mobile

Have you ever imagined charging your mobile phone by keeping it in your pant pocket? Well, your imagination has come true now with the new and innovative Stylish Solar Powered Pants. This creative invention has come up as the right answer to the situation when our mobile battery is low and we don’t have any charger or electric socket nearby.

Solar Powered Pants

No matter, wherever you are, you can easily charge your mobile phone using the interesting Stylish Solar Powered Pants. Actually, known as the Silver Lining’s GO Urban Cargo Pant, these solar powered pants helps charging the battery of your mobile phone and MP3 Player with ease.

Considered as a green and eco-friendly gadget, these pants have been developed by Silver Lining. With these stylish pants, you no longer require to keep your chargers with you. An ultra soft and easy wash Ultrasuede is used as the raw material to make these pants. Incorporating a pair of built-in power supply solar panels that can supply a power of 5 volts, these pants feature two side pockets that work as independent power supply panels.

mobile charging pants

Power supply panels in the form of the pockets in these pants are 6 x 8 inches in dimensions. You can also connect them to a smart phone or MP3 Player with a USB Cable. Keep in mind that these pants feature a Taugua nut button over low-slung drawstring waist and two back patch pockets with button down flaps for an added stylish look.

Using this green gadget will save power that you would otherwise consume while charging your cell phone or MP3 Player through an electric charger and socket. So, you can easily save electricity using these pants that are charged by the solar power within minutes. You even don’t need to hang these pants in sunshine for charging them; even wearing them in sunshine can charge them.

So, if you wish to give a hand in the eco-friendly movement, get a pair of these Silver Lining Solar Powered Pants. Not just useful, these pants are also chic to be worn on casual occasions. Stylish Solar Powered Pants are currently available in stone grey cell and olive green cell design that can easily match with all types of t-shirts, tops and jackets. You need to spend just $920.00 to buy your GO Urban Cargo pant.

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VCia: Greenparenthood