Sony’s Action Cam Pet Mount Enables Dogs to Shoot Wacky Clips

In case you’re among the pet owners who feel that the dog doesn’t really earn his food, Sony has good news for you! From now on, the man’s best friend also doubles as a camera operator.

I’m sure most people have watched at some point on YouTube a video of dogs playing, running around and having fun, in general. From Sony’s point of view, this perspective is a good one, but not the only one that is possible. The dogs played the main role long enough and it’s now time for humans to take center stage, while the dog acts as a cameraman. Now, don’t expect them to play the director and give you instructions on where to sit and what to do.

Apparently, Sony exhibited the Action Cam pet mount at its CES both this year. Considering that the event took place in January, the reaction must have been positive, if the company decided to mass produce it so soon. The pet mount looks much like a harness adapted for medium to large dogs. In other words, if you own a Chihuahua, don’t even think about it! The harness even has a codename, as Sony named it AKA-DM1.

This device is compatible with Sony’s HDR-AS15 rugged video camera. I’m glad they decided to pick a rugged camcorder in this context, as the areas visited by your pooch can be pretty rough sometimes. Once the camera is installed, the whole thing becomes the doggy equivalent of GoPro HD experiences. In other words, you will be able to see the world from your dog’s perspective. Since the camera is placed on the back of the dog, you won’t be able to see what he’s eating or drinking, nor if he is getting any action and with whom (after all, what crazy people would even want to see such things?). However, leg humping is going to gain a whole new dimension!

According to Engadget, the device will be launched in Japan on April 26 and will cost ?5,250, which is approximately $53. Given that it’s relatively affordable, we expect to see a lot of YouTube videos filmed from the dog’s POV. Also, Swedish movie Mitt liv som hund (My Life as a Dog) will finally start to make sense after studing the pooch’s perspective!

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