Fez Makes Top Selling List on Steam

Ladies and gentlemen get your wallets out, Fez is coming to Steam!


When the news broke that Fez was coming to steam, the PC community was in uproar; the man who lambasted Japanese games publicly and made an effort to alienate the entire PC gaming community has now put his game up on the very platform he loathed. Better yet, it’s currently one of the best-selling product on Steam.

The man behind the game, Phil Fish, has never been a quiet sort ever since his game made it big on consoles. Since then, Fish has made a habit of taking jabs at the gaming industry, from larger and well known developers to even gamers themselves (and their notion of entitlement). His appearance in Indie Game the Movie has been seen with some level of contempt, and in general, the man is seen as a completely vile individual.

While some attempts at boycotting the game have definitely been attempted, it seems like the mild-mannered masses of the Internet have finally seen through the elaborate disguise that Fish puts on; bad publicity is still publicity, and he certainly loves the attention and money it brings him. Whether you like him or not, Fez has received raving high praise across the board and holds a whopping 89 on Metacritic, putting it a step above the competition, and on the same level of praise to other cult indie games like Braid and Limbo.

The game is stated to be released May 1st on Steam and is currently going for $8.99 on GOG and Steam itself, saving you 10% from the full price, or as the man himself has put it “pre-order FEZ on steam or GOG and save 1 stupid, pretentious, hipster dollar”.

God bless you, Phil Fish, we love to hate you, and we love to play your game.

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