Sony hack might have North Korean perpetrators, says FBI

The FBI has clarified some of the confusing events surrounding the recent hack at Sony Pictures: North Korean hackers were behind it.

Sony Hack

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said today that the hack & information leak Sony Pictures suffered was the result of a cyber attack by North Korean hackers. Furthermore, these are not independent individuals, but the FBI claims to have enough information to prove the North Korean government themselves were responsible. This was deduced based on the software used for the attacks, malaware that North Korea was known to have used in the past: exactly the same North Korea used against South Korean media, banks and other organizations.

The hackers behind these attacks go by the moniker of “Guardians of Peace”, and made the last month a living hell for Sony as they released financial documents, upcoming movies, and confidential information (salaries, and so on) about employees, actors, and directors. While initially North Korea claimed to have no responsibility, endorsed the hackers by claiming their actions were “a righteous deed”. The motivation seems to be the now infamous Sony Pictures movie “The Interview”, which was to depict an assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

The movie is, as of now, canceled and won’t see the light of day in order to prevent future attacks. This, obviously, has outraged the American public and a great number of movie-goers along the world.


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