12 Great Geeky Game Of Thrones Christmas Cards

With winter already upon the seven kingdoms (in the TV show as well), it makes for a perfect connection between the TV Show Game of Thrones and Christmas time. These 12 cards make perfect sense and are a lot of fun as well.

Sansa? Santa? Sounds pretty much the same


He’s probably tired of being told that. But now does she’s dead, he does miss her


Westeros is actually pretty huge. Even the Vale of Arryn (The Falcon, moon and mountains hint to that) is pretty big


Night’s Watch sounds good in about any context


The Freys do deserve to see the Twins go down in Dragon flame


Cersei has been drinking quite a lot lately


In the cruel world of Game of Thrones, I doubt angels actually exist


Christmas time and winter are a dream setting for any normal White Walker


Daenerys is in a city right now, but when will she get to Westeros?


The only kid who saw that happening got pushed out of a window

Confusing card: Antlers (Baratheons) but a Stark saying…

No need explaining this one

Via: Buzzfeed

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