Ovo Carrara Marble iPhone Speaker Dock Is a Thing of Beauty

It’s impossible to contest the incredible design of the marble speaker dock designed by Italian stone craftsman company Monitillo Marni. As expected, this gorgeous piece of Carrara marble is a luxury iPhone accessory, so the regular Joe won’t be able to afford one.

I’m not a big fan of Apple products, and I’ve made that pretty clear in many of my posts. That being said, I can’t help but envy iPhone and iPad users when some manufacturers of awesome accessories focus their attention exclusively on Apple mobile devices. This is also the case with this Carrara marble speaker dock, which is a very simple, yet very effective iPhone accessory.

iPhone speaker docks typically imply a lot of electronics, but that surely doesn’t apply here. The Ovo (that would be Italian for ‘egg’), is entirely made out of Carrara marble, and there’s nothing more to it. Shaped more like a cylinder than an egg, the Ovo relies on marble’s own acoustic properties to amplify the sound. In other words, all you need to do is plug the iPhone in, hit the play button and turn it up to eleven. Oh, your volume dial doesn’t go up to eleven? Too bad!

Given the lack of digital amplification, let’s just say that you won’t be able to entertain a theater with Ovo, unless it’s one of those ancient Greek ones, where even the spectators from the furthest seats could hear a matchstick being lit. Despite all that, the Ovo is all it takes to make your iPhone speaker sound loud enough for a small room.

Assuming that you’re willing to sacrifice a proper amplification for magnificent design, you’re going to get $430 out of your pocket for the Ovo. It doesn’t come cheap, and I would say that Apple products and/or accessories never come so, but in this case, given the material this speaker dock is made from, the price may be justified.

Some argue that the price may be worth it if the Ovo sounds remarkable. That is clear and without any distortions. In such conditions, loud volume is not as important, even though some people would expect to have both when paying a premium. Used in sculpture and building decor, Carrara marble could make its way into the tech world, as more companies are said to use it next year.

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