Soundjaw For iPad Brings Low Tech Sound Enhancement

There have been plenty of devices that have been released for the iPad and the iPad two that are geared towards improving the sound quality, but few have done it so elegantly or simply

In point of fact making different and innovative new accesories for the iPad, iPhone and now the iPad two have become big business.  Whether you are talking about unique stands that can actually make the iPad look like a different appliance altogether or you are just talking about helping users listen to their music easier there are all sort of devices out there.  What makes the Soundjaw different is that while it is truly an ingenious design it is also extremely low tech.

Of course what also sets Soundjaw apart from other devices is that it is not strictly available on a very wide market just yet.  Designer Matthew McLachlan has created the Soundjaw, which is basically a piece of plastic that is formed into an interesting design that acts as a sound funnel when placed next to the speaker hole of the iPad or iPad 2.  The Soundjaw snaps onto the frame of these devices and is small enough and thin enough that it is not really changing the look or feel of the iPad.

Once it has snapped into place the Soundjaw acts much the same way the old phonograph speakers used to work, tightly compacting the sound waves so that the sound is actually amplified.  McLachlan is currently still trying to get his Soundjaw project off the ground using the Kickstarter website which is geared towards allowing “backers” (people willing to pay upfront before a product is truly ready) to front the money.

While McLachlan says he was originally concerned that the Soundjaw would only fit the iPad 2 he has recently tested it on the original iPad and was pleasantly surprised to find it fits there as well.  The Soundjaw is currently being offered at $20 a piece if you are one of the first backers of the project.  Of course if you aren’t quite ready to pony up the money for the accesory you can still help out the launch by donating just a couple of dollars and helping to decide the color.  Check out the video of the Soundjaw in action.