V-Luxe iPad Stand Brings Old Look To New Device

Here at Walyou we’re always looking for the next really pretty iPad case or stand. The newest creation from BKNYdesign might just take the cake.

The V-Luxe iPad stand is more than just a pretty, wooden iPad or iPad 2 stands that will accentuate the HD picture of your iDevice. It is more than just a work of art. This particular creation is a little bit of both and just for good measure it will make some of the biggest advances in modern entertainment technology look like throwbacks to a bygone era.

The V-Luxe iPad stand is a wooden holder and stand that actually makes the iPad look like an old-timey television. The iPad simply slides into the opening at the top front of the stand and then sits neatly as though it were the television tube for this great old relic. The stand is built so that the cable ports on the actual iPad are completely accessible meaning you can still plug and charge your iPad while it is sitting in the V-Luxe. You can also attach speaker cords, in a way to make the iPad appear even more as though it was an actual television broadcasting or rebroadcast your favorite programs.

BKNYdesign has done a fantastic job of crafting this wooden stand and adds to the long line of wood, or wood like frames and stands that are out there for the iPad such as the bamboo shell we showed you earlier this year. There are also stands that are made out of wood like materials that are made to look metal such as the coconut fiber iPad cover, but give me a frame that looks and feels like wood any day.

The V-Luxe iPad stand suits both the original iPad and the iPad 2 and comes in three different types of wood. Customers can order the stand in either Walnut, Cherry or African Mahogany. The V-Luxe stand is a little pricey, at $499 per unit, but considering the craftsmanship that has clearly gone into that design; if you can afford the hit to your wallet you won’t be disappointed.

Via: BKNYdesign