Geek Chic The Argyle Invaders Invade Your Closet

The Argyle Invaders Invade Your Closet

The geekiest textile pattern known to mankind is argyle. Combine it with one of the most classically nerdy games around – Space Invaders – and you get a very winning combination.

The Argyle Invaders hoodie looks unassuming from a distance – it appears to be a plain grey-toned argyle pattern with red details. Once you see it up close though, you can see that the argyle print features the aliens from Space Invaders, which is a surprisingly great pairing.

Argyle Invaders 1

Unlike most prints on hoodies and t-shirts in general, this one wraps all the way around to the back. This impresses me, as one of my pet peeves when it comes to clothing is when you see details on the front of a shirt but nothing on the back.

Argyle Invaders 2

As with many of my favourite nerdy things, the attention to detail is what makes this hoodie stand out. Take a look at the zipper pull, for example – instead of being the standard zipper pull that most hoodies have, this one happens to be shaped like the player-controlled laser canon from the game. It might be silly to look so deeply into it, but since it IS a zipper pull, it happens to be the only player-controlled part of this hoodie.


Argyle Invaders 3

Another cute detail is that the hood is lined with an awesome Space Invaders fabric – essentially the same pattern as the black part of the argyle, only printed in white on black. I’d personally rather see the lining used as an allover print for an article of clothing, even if the current design looks awesome. The simplicity of this black and white pattern reminds me a lot of the style seen on this Space Invaders deck of cards, and it does a better job of invoking the feeling of traditional arcade gaming.

Argyle Invaders 4

The Argyle Invaders hoodie happens to be on sale now for only $29.99, so if you’re a fan of old-school arcade games or just want to look geek chic, this is the perfect hoodie for you! However, if hoodies aren’t suited for your sartorially sophisticated lifestyle, try doing your own Space Invaders nail art instead.

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