Space Invaders Invade Your Deck of Cards

Space invaders is such a classic game that it’s hard to imagine anyone who hasn’t played the title at least once in their childhood – preferably on a big arcade machine.

It was one of the first shooting games ever made, greatly influencing just about every modern shooter genre. The game even caused a 100-yen coin shortage in Japan shortly after it was released, due to its unprecedented popularity.

Space Invaders Cards 1

It’s funny that the creator chose to make a deck of cards decorated with sprites inspired by Space Invaders. Playing cards are famously known as the product Nintendo made long before the advent of video games, while Space Invaders was made by Taito – which is currently owned by Square Enix.

Space Invaders Cards 2

However, while the deck of cards is inspired by Space Invaders, the aliens on the face cards aren’t rips of the original aliens, they’re 12 creative and original designs. The non-face cards don’t look particularly interesting, as the creator decided not to deviate from the traditional card suits, but at least the images are still 8-bit sprites.

Space Invaders Cards 4

Even the back of the deck has a unique pixelated weave pattern on it that invokes the feeling of the old solitaire deck of cards.

Space Invaders Cards 3

You can get the entire deck of 54 cards for $18, a pretty reasonable price for such a handy and nerdy thing to have. While a lot of 8-bit culture has gone mainstream, with things like Nintendo mints being sold everywhere you can imagine, you definitely can’t get this deck of cards at your local stores.

Space Invaders Cards 5

If you’re not convinced that the Space Invaders have already invaded every other part of your life, take a look at this set of Space Invaders headphones. They’ve also invaded your nails, and they’ve even disguised themselves as this stylish black couch.

Via: Art Lebedev