Spider-Man’s Latest Outfit Comes with Built-In MP3 Player

Fans of the web-shooting superhero still have to wait till May 2014 for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, but the wait may well be worth it, as there will be new villains, as well as a new suit that includes among many other things a built-in music system.

Spider-Man may not be the greatest superhero out there, and he might appeal mostly to teenagers, but he still has a fan base that shouldn’t be neglected. After all, that’s why Hollywood keeps rebooting movies. Well, yeah, that and the financial factor, of course. In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott revealed some of the improvements that have been made on the suit Andrew Garfield is going to wear in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Below is the outfit in its entirety, but I’ll provide additional details on the bits that have been updated.

In what concerns the eyes, not only the color, but also the size has been changed. The first suit featured small, yellow-tinted eyes, while the updated version comes with “Really big, very warm white eyes,” as director Marc Webb stated.

Scott claims that the web symbol of the new Spider-Man suit was made in “an extremely mathematical and precise” manner by 3D-plotting it on a computer. The red-brick pattern represents a tribute to Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t feature a belt, but the new suit does, probably to mask the weight the actor has gained in the recent past. Not even the director knows why the superhero needs a belt (especially since it’s not a utility belt like Batman’s), but he admits that comic-books have rules and he is bound to respect them.

As far as the web shooters go, Scott stated: “We wanted ours to have an MP3 player in it. You’ll see early on in the film that he can turn music on that he’s listening to inside the costume through his web shooter.” Spider-Man definitely needs some upbeat songs while saving the world, so implementing that was certainly a good idea.

Last, but definitely not least, is the color of the new costume. Scott made it darker, with richer tones. Somehow this reminds me of the opening credits of the Harry Potter movies, as they kept getting darker and darker. All these being said, I hope that the sequel will be better than the first “amazing” Spider-Man, as that one didn’t impress me much. If you want to see Andrew Garfield in a memorable role, try watching the Red Riding trilogy.

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