5 mods you should be using for Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 isn’t exactly a new game, often sung as the real spiritual successor to Diablo 2. One of its key features is the complete support for mods.


While it may seem like the game is perhaps outdated in the hack and slash, loot hunting, dungeon crawling genre, the Steam summer sale has seen it fit to revitalize the game, bringing forth a slew of new players who are just getting their feet wet in this awesome adventure. While the core game is easily one of the most solid experiences you can get your hands on, some of the mods available on the workshop are bound to increase how much you enjoy the game off the bat, without destroying the core game itself. So, without further ado here are ten mods you should have before starting your quest into Estheria.

Synergies Mod


Synergies is easily the best possible mod you can get for any hack and slash game. It increases the amount of encountered enemies at once, adds more enemy types, changes itemization around and even gives you the ability to respec your skillpoints at an incredibly affordable price. Easily the best tool to add to your arsenal to up your game.

Arkham’s Armory


This armory mod adds a ton of new weapon skins and recipes to the game, giving you a bit of an extra edge, without being completely overpowered and making you feel like a cheater. These items drop for level 45 and 50 characters, so don’t expect to see them early on.


Blank’s Landmarks & Extra Chunky


While the core game features many procedurally generated dungeons and overland maps, you’ll find yourself running into the same patterned rooms every so often. These two mods add a ton of variation to both overland and dungeon levels, seamlessly integrating with the game and keeping up with the high quality level design you run into from the core game.


Enhanced Retex


While Torchlight 2 is by no means an ugly looking game, it could definitely use a bit of a graphical boost to get things going. While this won’t add any extra shaders to the game, the Retex pack sharpens and increases the fidelity of the textures rendered in the game, giving you a super crisp looking game without being too demanding on your GPU.


8 Player MP


While this is almost not considered a mod, given that it’s released by the developers themselves, it’s one of the most important additions if you intend to play with some friends. While by no means technically impressive, this allows for up to 8 players to join your game, making the adventure that much less lonely, and that much more chaotic.

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