Spotify comes forth: their free tier is here to stay

Spotify finally respond to the rumors and fan concerns about the removal of their free tier: it’s just not gonna happen. The company also mentioned that their freemium service is quite profitable.

Spotify logoSpotify finally spoke: “the rumors are all completely false, and our freemium model is working well”, they said in an interview with CNET, responding to the rumor that the company would stop their freemium offerings in order to focus on the paid version only instead.

The Digital Music News web had launched this rumor, which many related webs around the web replicated: they claimed Spotify would eliminate their free tier changing it for a temporary 3 month subscription, and then force users to hire their paid service in order to continue using the service.

The streaming service will continue to offer both version (freemium and paid) despite Apple’s pressure on big record companies to eliminate free streaming services, setting the framework so Apple Music (formerly Beats) can function. We only can hope Apple desist, and they give each other a hard but fair competition.

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