House on the Lake Features Secret Garage and an Aircraft Hangar

If you thought living in a house that had an aircraft hangar right in the sprawling lawns wasn’t enough, the same house has been refurbished and renovated to create a residential house with a secret garage door.

The idea was to make the aircraft hangar look a little more pretty, and also to ameliorate the looks of the neighbourhood.

It is not clear why anyone would want to have a secret garage, and also a drive way for airplanes in front of the house unless they were doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. It is actually pretty creepy, the way a Southern U.S. style house veranda moving upwards to reveal a secret garage, which could house anything from aliens to robbers masquerading as missionaries.

I guess the Secret Garage in a house which has an aircraft hangar on its lawns surely would surprise and freak out many people.

In fact, the garage houses a really good collection of vehicles, and if I am not mistaken, I think I also saw a few small flying machines that could be sued in the countryside. This sure would be a great place to live, especially when the house is situated along the shore of Lake Harney in Florida.

I only wonder what would happen to the person who is not aware that that the veranda levitates, and that sitting there in the old Southern U.S.A style, reading a book and drinking coffee is not such a good idea if you don’t know about the secret garage. All of a sudden, the veranda might levitate to reveal the secret garage and take you by surprise.

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