The Army Tank PC Mod

One of the most powerful tools available to the army is the tank.  That symbol of power, technology, and performance has now been transformed into a PC mod. This mod is obviously a lot smaller than a full sized hunk of metal the military uses, but it still packs a lot of tech and power.  This is the Army Tank PC built by Skip Station.

There are a lot of case mods out there with glowing fans and glowing tubes that look pretty cool but are very common.  Then you have case mods that are a little more stylish with curves and cool themes.  However, there are few that really stand alone and this is exactly what the tank mod does.

This tank mod is more than just a PC though, it’s a full functioning remote control tank that can move and even shoot BBs.

The major concern for the mod was having enough room for all the PC parts without compromising the normal functionality of the tank.  However, after getting the tank and opening it, that concern quickly vanished because there was plenty of room left in what would seem like a much more complicated tank interior.

The only thing that was removed were the headlight cables to make a little more room.  Other than that, the tank still drives and the turret still rotates and shoots.  Even thought the interior looked spacious enough for everything to fit, some modifications were needed such as cutting one side of the tank to be able to fit the motherboard.  A lot of mods have glowing lights to add just a bit of glowing power, and this mod doesn’t disappoint having green glowing lights in the tread wells.

The mod measures 32 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 11 inches tall.  It has a solid state hard drive and a laptop disc drive that are in the front of the tank.  The Mini ITX Motherboard, as was said before, resides in between the tracks.  Again, there have been a lot of case mods that have been built, but the fully operational, moving and shooting power-symbol tank mod stands alone.

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Via: Case Mod Blog / Skip Station